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Medi Weightloss Medical Director Richard Bloy, MD does the Medi Restart Program!

Dr. Bloy does the Medi Program  himself to lose those extra pounds that he has gained over the last 7 years. Back in 2010, he lost over 65 pounds on Medi Weightloss and dramatically improved his health and quality of life. But, as is often the case, years went by and slowly his food choices got worse and he gained a little weight.
Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for health and happiness! Because he sees the results of excess weight everyday and knows firsthand how Medi Weightloss can get those pounds off fast and keep them off, he decided it was time to do a Medi Restart.
His goal? To get back on track with his eating and lose 15-20 pounds. He is in his first week and is feeling more in control already!
If you need to lose a few extra pounds or hundreds of pounds, Medi Weightloss in Fort Myers and Naples can help! Join Dr. Bloy and lose weight now.
Call us at 239-333-0828 to get more information and discuss your needs with one of our weight loss counselors.