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Surgical Procedures

Labiaplastry | Labia Rejuvenation

Many women are bothered with labia irregularities that show through in certain clothing, cause discomfort while engaging in some activities, or cause them to feel embarrassed. Protruding, malformed or distorted labia are fairly common. Genetics, child birth, and aging can cause the labia to protrude.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery, or vaginal tightening, rejuvenates a woman’s vagina surgically by tightening muscles and repairing tissues of the vaginal opening, vaginal canal, or both. Weak muscles, poor tone, damaged anatomy and flaccid skin are targeted and corrected with this procedure. Because this surgical procedure involves delicate feminine anatomy, skill, experience and expertise in gynecologic surgery are critical to successful outcome.

Hemorrhoid Removal

A hemorrhoidectomy is a procedure that allows your practitioner to permanently remove a hemorrhoid. Many patients ignore their hemorrhoids for years for fear of complicated surgery and painful recovery. Dr. Bloy, with decades of experience, has perfected a method of removal that eliminates the hemorrhoid – a brief, in office, painless and safe procedure in the comfort of our office.

Ear Lobe Rejuvenation

Just like in the rest of our faces, our earlobes lose fat as we age. The skin also gets thinner, adding to the wrinkling effect. Often, because of heavy earrings, earlobes have tears or rips. Some women start to feel self-conscious about their ears. Our ears are prominent features that aren’t hidden behind most hairstyles. Thankfully, there are easy treatment options available to restore aging, elongated or ripped ear lobes.