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Wellness Vitamin Supplement Shots

Wellness Vitamin Supplement Shots

Contemporary Health Center is proud to offer vitamin and nutrient shots to patients seeking to improve their wellness, reverse the effects of deficiencies, and ensure that their body has all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to look great and feel ageless.

Our vitamin shots are quick and deliver lasting effects. Whether you need a general boost of nutrients, are looking to elevate your energy levels, seek to counter the effects of stress and aging, need help with weight loss or are suffering from symptoms of a serious health condition or disease, our vitamin injections provide a potent long-lasting supply of the vitamins and minerals you need for an age defying, healthy, optimized lifestyle.


All of our shots are comprised of the highest quality vitamins and nutrients from a reputable, FDA certified 501C3 (the top certification available to compounding pharmacies) compounding pharmacy located in the United States. Our medical doctor, Dr. Bloy, and the pharmacist have formulated our shots and will customize your therapy by determining the safest and most beneficial vitamins and nutrients and recommended the appropriate frequency of therapy.


Mix and Match Your Own Package

*All shots selected must be same price for the package pricing to apply or highest price applies


Mid – 1@$30, 4@$100, 8@$180
Max – 1@$50, 4@$180, 8@$320


1@$30, 4@$100, 8@$180


Mid – 1@$30, 4@$100, 8@$180
Max – 1@$50, 4@$180, 8@$320


Mid – 1@$30, 4@$100, 8@$180
Max – 1@$50, 4@$180, 8@$320


1@$30, 4@$100, 8@$180


MIC, B6, B12
1@$30, 4@100, 8@$180


1@$50, 4@$180, 8@$320


1@$30, 4@100, 8@$180


1@$30, 4@100, 8@$180


1@$50, 4@$180, 8@$320


1@$30, 4@$100, 8@$180


There is NO commitment required ever. You are required to have a NO COMMITMENT initial consultation medical visit to begin IV Infusion and Wellness Shot Therapy. Then, you may choose when and if you receive Wellness Shots or IV Infusion Therapy. You may stop therapy at any time.

An initial consultation medical visit with our Nurse Practitioner is required to begin Wellness Shot and IV Infusion Therapy. During this initial visit, the provider will review your medical history, medications you are taking, assess any contraindications, determine if blood work is necessary or desirable, discuss your needs and goals, and make recommendations. Blood work, if necessary, will be ordered and the cost may be covered by your health insurance. Example: Vitamin D3 requires blood work to receive safely.

The cost for this medical visit is $125. Your health insurance may cover the cost of this medical visit. Our office staff can determine if your visit is covered and your copay or deductible. Health insurance does not cover the cost of our IV Infusion or Wellness Shot Therapy.

The initial consultation medical visit may be scheduled after you have completed the medical history and patient forms. You can request the forms in person or by calling our office 239.561.9191. Then, just submit them in person or via email. Our staff will call you, you can call us, or you can stop in our office to schedule your consultation.

Once your provider has confirmed that you are a good candidate for IV Infusion and Wellness Shot Therapy, you will need to sign our appointment policy and consent form if you choose to receive shots or infusions. Now, you can purchase and receive treatments anytime you like at either of our Fort Myers or Naples locations.

Our shots are available on a WALK-IN basis and walk-ins are encouraged. You do not need an appointment. Just come in during business hours to our Fort Myers or Naples locations and get your shot. Most times, you will be seen within 5 minutes, if not immediately. Then, receiving your shot only takes a minute.


Iv Infusions can be scheduled in advance for the fastest service, but we do happily accept walk-ins. Walk-ins may incur a brief wait before they are seen or may need to wait for an available IV space. Generally, we can get you in and get your IV started quickly!

NAD+ Infusion Therapy always requires an appointment due to the lengthy treatment time.


Supplying your body with all of the right nutrients is a key component of health, wellness and longevity. It can be difficult to achieve optimal levels of essential nutrients through food sources alone. Nutrient/vitamin shots and IV therapy provide your body with high quality, all natural, medical grade nutrients and vitamins and deliver them to you with superior absorption when compared to oral vitamins. An area of expertise for the team at Contemporary Health Center in Fort Myers and Naples. If you’ve heard about this innovative form of vitamin therapy, and are curious about injections and IV drip treatments, call the office today to book a visit.

No. In most cases, you will barely a pinch and hardly realize you have gotten your shot. Our medical staff is trained to give the most comfortable shots and they have years of experience. They make getting your shot as comfortable as possible.

No, health insurance plans do not cover the cost of IV Infusion and Wellness Shot Therapy.

Health insurance may cover the cost of the medical visits and any blood work.

We do not require follow up medical office visits unless you feel you need to have a visit with your provider. A medical visit is useful if you need to discuss your ongoing therapy, request or review blood work to assess results, feel it’s time to update your therapy to further your results, or discuss new health issues for which you are seeking to treat with vitamin therapy or any other medical care.

Vitamin D3 therapy does require blood work and medical office visits throughout treatment to assure your safety and verify that optimal levels are achieved.

Vitamins are specific organic compounds that are critical to human life. While your body produces some vitamins, it doesn’t meet the full demand, and there are some vitamins that can only come from external sources.
You can get lots of vitamins from food sources, but reaching your recommended daily intake requires a varied diet rich in many different fruits and vegetables. That can be challenging, especially for those with busy lifestyles.
You can take supplements to boost your vitamin intake, but this approach requires the vitamins to travel through your digestive system. A portion of the supplements could pass through your system completely intact.
The best way to ensure your body has the vitamins it needs to thrive is to deliver those micronutrients directly into your bloodstream.

Vitamin shots are injections that deliver carefully formulated vitamins and nutrients using a needle and syringe.

Vitamin deficiencies are not just a product of diet and lifestyle but are also a result of health and environmental factors. Since we are all biochemically unique, nutrient deficiencies will vary from patient to patient, and do not necessarily correlate with obvious or serious conditions. Many factors beyond diet determine whether nutrient function is adequate. These include stress, absorption, metabolism, genetic predisposition, age, disease conditions, and medications.

Over the counter oral vitamins are less effective due to variations of absorption and are generally much weaker. Our vitamin and nutrient shots (and IV Infusions) are designed to conveniently replenish concentrated vital nutrients in a way that dramatically increases absorption and usefulness to your body and cells.

This category of vitamin injectables and infusions is more sought after now than ever thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak. Our compounding pharmacy and Dr. Bloy have created several shot options and infusions of vitamins and mineral which are designed to enhance your immune response. The idea is that with sufficient vital nutrients, you experience better general wellness which leads to better, more optimized immunity. All of which lead to a happier, more enjoyable life.

Ascorbic Acid: a strong antioxidant that contributes to immune defense by supporting various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system.
Zinc: An essential mineral that contributes to immune defense by its role in the development and function of many immune processes. Supplementing with this mineral may help combat infections and aid wound healing.
Glutathione: An amino acid that contributes to immune defense because it is required by the immune system for two important reasons: it protects host immune cells through its antioxidant action, and it provides the optimal functioning of lymphocytes and other cells of the immune system.