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Vampire Facial and PRP Treatment Safety

Don’t trust your cosmetic injections, Prp treatments, laser procedure,  or Vampire Facelift and Facial procedures to just anyone! 

Sadly, we have learned that some spas and medical offices have performed procedures that have seriously harmed patients. Unfortunately, some practitioners, even doctors, perform procedures in unsafe ways or are not trained and authorized legally to perform these procedures.

One ongoing investigation into a New Mexico Spa has revealed that patients were exposed to HIV, Hepatitis while receiving a Vampire Facial at this illegal provider of this patented procedure. The Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift, O Shot, P Shot, and all other Vampire procedures are legal only to members of a selective group who authorized and trains practitioners. Many places illegally and sometimes unsafely perform these procedures and are not ethical providers and should not be trusted with your safety and beauty.

When you visit a trusted, authorized, legal and ethical provider of the Vampire Facial and the other previously mentioned procedures using PRP, platelet rich plasma, you are receiving a safe, sanitary, and legitimate treatment that follows the highest standards of medical practice and equipment. The inventor and only legal doctor able to authorize practitioners to perform the Vampire Facial, Charles Runels, MD, spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to research effectiveness and safety of these procedures and on lawyers to shut down illegal providers. Runels does this to ensure patient safety first and foremost. Still, illegal providers are out there.

As a potential patient of the Vampire Facial or the other PRP procedures, it is vital that you make certain you are receiving a safe and medically sound procedure from an ethical provider. You can rest assured that your are in good hands by visiting or the websites of Charles Runels with Cellular Medicine Associates to choose a legally authorized, trained and legitimate provider for your treatment. Please do not allow an unauthorized provider to risk your life or safety.

Blood products are serious and do not cause harm when used by trained, ethical and authorized providers. There have been no cases of harm with ethical, authorized providers.

Richard Bloy, MD and our practitioners are ethical, trained, experienced, authorized and legal providers of the Vampire procedures, the O Shot, and the P Shot. They utilize the best and safest equipment and the highest, most sanitary medical standards when performing these procedures to ensure patient safety. And they get great results, too! Trust Contemporary Health Center in Fort Myers, Naples and Cape Coral to provide your Vampire Facial, or other PRP medical or aesthetic treatments. Don’t take anyone’s word for it-Verify us by visiting the websites of Charles Runels, MD to be certain. Your safety is our priority, always.