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PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

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For even better results and less pain: Read about our new PRP serum or injection therapy treatment.

When we age, our skin’s ability to produce collagen and maintain hydration becomes markedly diminished. Coupled with sun exposure and damaging lifestyle choices, our skin takes on further abuse. Non-invasive treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Serum and Injection Therapy have risen in popularity due to PRP’s natural result with no real downtime.

PRP, derived from your own blood, contains growth factors and stem cells. It can safely be used anywhere on the body, face or hair follicles/scalp for cell and tissue rejuvenation and to produce the most healthy growth. PRP is being used in all areas of medicine, today, because of its benefits.

Platelets contain important growth factors that are responsible for:

  • Tissue regeneration and rejuvenation
  • Increasing collagen production
  • Calling other cells to the site to assist with healing
  • Initiating blood vessel growth
  • Inducing cell differentiation-all the different cells required for rejuvenation are stimulated
  • Bone mineralization i.e. making healthier bones
  • Extra cellular matrix formation – this is connective tissue that supports, shapes and firms
  • Tissue adhesion-this means tissues stick together giving it strength.

Popular Areas Treated with PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

Benefits of PRP Serum or Injection Therapy

PRP serum

Cost for Adding PRP Serum On to Your Ablative Service $300+

PRP serum applied, after some treatments, enhances your results. The PRP serum is extracted from your own blood and used immediately after the treatment, when it is easily absorbed. The serum is left on for at least 6 hours to ensure penetration. PRP serum accelerates the body’s healing and promotes the growth of collagen and elastin.

We highly recommend adding PRP Serum to the following treatments to achieve even more results:

  • Vivace RF Microneedling treatment on face, body
  • Juliet Vaginal or Labia Laser Rejuvenation Treatment
  • SmartSkin CO2 laser rejuvenation treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma injection Therapy

Cost for Adding PRP Injection Therapy On to Your Labiaplasty Surgery $600+

Platelet Rich Plasma injection Therapy is a natural growth enhancer and a filler alternative. It is made of your own blood and is proven effective. This treatment uses your own platelet rich plasma as an advanced anti-aging and healing treatment delivered to the skin in a process similar to mesotherapy. Treatment involves extracting and increasing the growth factors in your blood. These factors are what your body needs to heal itself. PRP serum and injection Therapy activates the autological factors in your body’s repair system to increase healthy growth.

Using PRP injection Therapy as an anti-ageing treatment is highly effective. This natural and safe treatment uses your own blood, which is extracted and enriched (with no chemicals or additives) in an easy and comfortable process and is then re-injected into your face, hands, chest, face or genitals through numerous tiny injections. The benefits of this approach are the natural and self-healing effects of regenerated skin, improved skin vitality, improved sun damaged skin, enhanced circulation, and better skin hydration.

PRP Procedures:

Vampire Hair Restoration®

PRP Injection Therapy, microneedling, and Serum Therapy are used on the scalp and hair follicles to stimulate healthy new growth and to increase production. This process involves numerous injections to the desired treatment area using a very tiny needle. The treatment area numbed and the injections take only around 5 minutes.

Cost for the 3 treatment protocol $2100

Cost for 1 maintenance or preventative treatment $1000

Vampire FaceLift®

This patented treatment uses a blend of PRP Injection Therapy and hyaluronic acid dermal filler to reshape, revolumize and revamp the skin. Injections are customized to rejuvenate based on individual needs. Treatment areas include face, neck, chest, hands, etc.

Cost for therapy $1500

Vampire Facial®+RF

This patented treatment utilizes Vivace RF micro needling and PRP serum to deliver serious results with no real downtime. 4 modalities in 1 amazing treatment! Microneedles are a CIT, collagen induction therapy, treatment that work to induce healing and growth and leave precise micro channels for delivery of PRP serum into the dermis. RF/radio frequency uses its energy to tighten the skin, coagulate broken vessels and reduce redness, and shrink pores. LED light therapy further encourages growth of collagen, elastin and healthy new cells. Then, PRP serum with its unique growth factors goes to work to stimulate the stem cells to produce new tissue and skin.

Cost for therapy 1@$1000, 3@$2400

Vampire NippleLif®

Treat nipple inversion, lack of sensitivity after breastfeeding or surgical augmentation, and colorless, wrinkled, dull nipples with PRP-naturally!

Cost for therapy 1@$900, 3@$2200

Vampire BreastLift®

This patented treatment combines PRP injection therapy and artful skill to rejuvenate the breasts. Injections are targeted to produce new growth, stimulate tightening, increase circulation, restore color and tone, and revolumize deflated areas of the breasts.

Cost for therapy 1@$1800 or 3@$3400

Vampire WingLift® – Vampire Labia Lift

This patented non-surgical, painless, PRP blend treatment uses the Vampire FaceLift protocol to rejuvenate the labia. Injections are targeted to produce new growth, stimulate tightening, increase circulation, and revolumize deflated labia.

Cost for therapy 1@$1200 or 3@$2800

O-Shot® Orgasm Shot®

Orgasm Shot and incontinence cure for women

Patented PRP procedure that can increase vaginal lubrication, strengthen and re-sensitize the vaginal wall, increase orgasm, and cure urinary leakage.

Cost for therapy $1200

P-Shot® Priapus Shot®

Optimize men’s sexual health and erectile function naturally

A revolutionary drug-free, non-surgical, painless, quick, safe and patented PRP procedure proven to improve sexual function of the penis: increase penis girth, length, strength, sensitivity and stamina of erections.

Cost of treatment $1900

Treatment that benefits from adding optional PRP injection Therapy

For better results, we recommend you use in conjunction with other treatments for more complete rejuvenation or anti-aging results.