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Obagi Pro-C

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Obagi Vitamin C Line

Professional-C is Obagi’s highly potent Vitamin C line. It’s designed to combat dull, tired skin. It’s able to fight the visible signs of aging in the skin by using the ingredient L-ascorbic acid which is a powerful anti-oxidant booster to rejuvenate all skin types.

When you start to use Pro-C, you’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll see results in your skin. It’s brighter, more even, and radiance in tone and texture. Fine lines, and age spots are diminished. The Pro-C serum is a concentrated base of 10 percent that goes to work quickly on even sensitive skins. You can go up in concentration to a level 20 percent if your skin is more normal to oily. It’s important to also incorporate the Pro-C Sunscreen SPF 30 into your daily skin regime because Vitamin C can make your skin a little more sun sensitive, so it’s important to help stop the future signs of aging by using this daily. The Pro-C Eye Brightener uses patented Soft Focus Technology to blur the signs of aging that show up first around the eye area.